Time Is The “Fifth” Universal Constant (t=sYc)

Defining TIME as t=sYc

Andre Philippe Laisney
4 min readMar 20, 2022
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

March 20,2022

I Claim:

Time (t) is the universal constant: Scale Expansion (sY) of spatial dimensionality and is constant at c.

And also, consequently, that the present cosmos is not the universe but rather is a scale nested component of an infinite and increasing universe.


Expansion of scale is the fundamental physical constant, TIME (t), and is not synonymous with the expansion of space, which is expansion relative to (3) spatial dimensions. Expansion of scale is, not (expansion in length/volume/area) the perceptible dimensional stretching of spatial distance of separate relative points within space, but rather is the constant universal scale expansion of the unit of length/volume/area relative to itself, perceptible only as time.

Where (normal) dimensional expansion (y)is equal to and illustrated as an addition of units of measure, such as inches to area, so Scale Expansion (sY)is equal to and illustrated by the units of measure themselves universally (and imperceptibly) increasing in area, and this is the manifest “fourth” dimension: time.

As further illustration of the nature of sY; as an object does not move relative to its own frame, as our space expands at lightspeed, so our inch seems, to us, to stay an inch as all space is scale expanding at a constant rate c, because expansion (time) is sYc, there is a current event horizon and beyond our scale frame, the next scale is nested as “sub-dimensional” points where every point will Big Bang into its own scale nested timespace. Thus scale expansion is the fourth dimension, that of TIME, extending our three spatial dimensions.

Spatial expansion in the sense of the addition of units of measure in three dimensions (inches), is different from Scale expansion where the inches themselves are all uniformly and constantly expanding (getting bigger) which they do. This is constant, universal, imperceptible, self- relative expansion of spatial dimensionality and is “time” which is likewise the scalar expansion of every inch in a cosmos itself relative to each and every inch itself. Time is this automatic and…