Theory Of Nothingness- And The Fourth Law Of Thought: The Principle Of The Exceptional Nature Of Nothingness

Andre Philippe Laisney
5 min readJun 9, 2021
Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash

We believe that the universe came from nothingness. Nothingness is the state of being of nothing. The state of being of “nothing” is a thing. We are mystified because we believe that nothingness is not a thing and so we believe that it can have no state of being. We misunderstand. Although it sounds illogical to our un-updated modern logic, there is a thing that is nothing. Nothingness is the thing that is nothing, and has a nature.

If Nothingness were nothing then it would be mysterious that universes would emerge from “it”, but nothingness is not nothing. Nothingness is a “thing”. Nothingness is possibility. Nothingness is the source of every possible thing. Impossibility is a limit reserved for things, but not for Nothingness.

Put aside for a moment a “Theory of Everything”. Consider a “Theory of Nothingness”.

In early mathematics the “number” “zero”, which is “the number which is not a number” was initially very difficult for us to grasp. In modern logic “Nothingness” the “thing which is not a thing” remains misunderstood. “Nothingness” is a “thing” we can learn to understand. This may be the key to understanding such things as how mind and matter can appear from Nothingness, and how apparent opposites like “physical matter” and “intangible mind” actually can be as one and the same thing, and perhaps even help to understand the true nature of the self.

We believe that opposite states of being are mutually exclusive. This fundament of our current logic leads us to believe that reality is binary, and only binary. We believe that a sphere is a sphere and a wave is a wave, and that a wave cannot also be a sphere. We are perplexed because reality does not always appear to be actually so. Some of reality remains obscured. We need not assume that thought has the capacity to fully comprehend reality to understand that, clearly, we have not yet discovered all of the principles which govern the laws of thought. Clearly, we still hold false assumptions to be truths. Clearly, the principles of logic are not yet fully known to us.

We misconstrue the true nature of “Nothingness”. We erroneously assume that “Nothingness” is simply “Nothingness”. We…