The We People

Andre Philippe Laisney
3 min readFeb 14, 2022


Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

We are a 51 year old human male of mixed ancestry.

We are a composite.

We are flesh, we are mind, we are instinct, we are intuition, we are Ego, we are Id, we are love, we are selfish, we are community, we are consciousness, and we are evolving.

We are parts of a greater we which we call “humanity”, which, in turn, is part of an even greater we which we call “all biological life on Earth”… and so on.

We believe that separateness is not an illusion.

We believe that separateness is a matter of perspective.

We believe in our self, and we believe in “one another”.

We believe that separateness is increased with conflict.

We believe that greatness is increased with cooperation.

We believe that our wellbeing depends upon our evolving beyond the egocentric, self-serving, identity which we still embody and occasionally still embrace, but which we have already outgrown.

We believe that self-serving, instinct driven, compulsion is a fine drive for any beast of the land, including the beast from which we once evolved, or rather from which we are presently evolving, but that self-serving, instinct driven, compulsion is no longer a fine drive for us.

We are still partly beast, and so we still often act as beasts do, but we have become powerful and self-aware and we know that we will self-destruct if we continue to behave as beasts. That time is passing and the rightness of it has passed for us.

We, and all “The We People”, know that “other” is “self”, in a very real sense.

We are all of nature, and we love our self unconditionally, and so we must act.

We are the rich, we are the hungry, we are the disenfranchised, we have true peace of mind, we struggle, and we love…