The Truth About E.S.P.

Andre Philippe Laisney
3 min readJun 9, 2022
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I have never been abducted by an extraterrestrial (*that I am aware of), so I can only guess as to what that might be like, but I have experienced full-blown telepathy like you would normally see in a science fiction or fantasy movie, so I would like to share my thoughts on why it is that we humans are limited to communicating with spoken and written language despite the fact that E.S.P. is real.

*This is a joke. I am not insane (**that I am aware of)

** This is not a joke.

Sanity is a subjective thing. One cannot know if they are crazy any more than one can know if they are wrong. ***We could argue about that, but I would be right and you would be wrong. (***This both is, and also is not, a joke)

Anyway… Objective reality exists. The forest is actually there and then if you go to the forest a subjective internal reflection of the forest, created by sights and sounds and such, appears in your mind. Objective reality outside. Subjective reality inside. Simple.

Now… We are pretty sure that objective reality is really just certain persistent yet fluctuating forms of “energetic vibrations”, but that’s not the point. As far as we are concerned there is objective reality, which exists all around us, and there is subjective reality, which exists within us.

If I say some words to you, such as “I mean you no harm”, you are free to interpret my words as you see fit. On the other hand, If I use mysterious extra-sensory means to “think my words directly into your head”, you loose this discerning capacity to a disconcerting extent. You sort of automatically believe that my thoughts are you own and they sort of become your own subjective inner reality.

Our words are our thoughts, and to some extent are our beliefs, which, to some extent are reality. Not believing everything you hear a human say amounts to maintaining control of a certain amount of a certain form of personal sanity.

In one Star Wars movie a psychic Jedi says “These are not the droids you are looking for” to a suspicious guard. The weak-minded Guard responds by dropping his suspicion and allowing the suspects to pass by unquestioned. They call this brainwashing effect the “Jedi mind trick” in the movies. A reasonable fear…