The Secret Path To Happiness

Andre Philippe Laisney
2 min readDec 15, 2022
Photo by Nicholas Beel on Unsplash

It is important to understand how money and modern convenience spoil us. The heroics on Netflix are a good indicator that we cannot be bothered to be our own heroes, but a good metaphor for how this situation came to be is this:

One climbs to the top of a hill and then gets to enjoy skiing to the bottom. That is natural and works like life works, but these days we pay a few dollars to have a mechanical lift carry us to the top. This trains us to think that the good stuff in life is not worth the effort. This is a big, big delusion. We eat and gain energy but then don’t feel like spending that energy. We disconnect from the natural energy cycle.
This natural energy cycle wants to welcome us back.
We are not unnatural.
Money is an unnatural device. So is an escalator.
I am not suggesting abandoning these things.
I am suggesting bearing their hidden costs in mind.
These things are the fun “skiing down” part of life. Which is not to say that the walking up the hill is not supposed to be fun too. It is supposed to be! Something “unnatural” has eroded this part of the fun.

When I say that “the natural energy cycle wants us back”, I mean that the understanding of how to live is built right into our flesh and bones. We know how to reconnect. All of us. Absolutely. It is just a matter of choice. The fruit of the something for nothing tree is a dwindling fruit, but the other tree is always still right here… or perhaps just a few up-hill steps away.

The only and only difference between anxious lazy slobs like you and me (just kidding!), and the people we admire and want to be is that they know that it is worth the effort of climbing the hill in order to live the life they want to live.

That’s it.
Nothing more.
No secret.

I lied about the secret.