The Meaning Of Life

Andre Philippe Laisney
2 min readMay 25, 2022


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

We want (try) to “make sense” of everything around us.

it’s misguided to look for meaning in everything, but very human. Its a side effect of our “advanced reasoning capacity”.

Certain things have meaning (coded and decodable constructs which are specifically designed to signify other things). Words, are the prime example.

if you speak any French you may know that “chien” means “dog.” The word “dog” means something. The actual real life thing which we call a dog does not have “meaning” any more than a cloud or a box of nails has a meaning. A cloud doesn’t mean anything. It is water vapor. Often beautiful water vapor.

The world is made of things like these dogs and clouds and such. This is not to say that “Life has no meaning”, which is equally misguided, and really the same foible, but driven by emotion. It’s something humans who are in a bad mood say. The feeling is valid, but not the concept. It’s all just a misapplication (automatic, compulsive overapplication) of our innately meaning seeking minds.

Snails leave slime trails on everything they touch cuz that’s just part of how they are. Likewise, humans look for meaning in everything, especially if they feel they lack something. It’s something we do automatically like fish swim. It’s as natural for us as pooping is.

Next time someone who is sad asks “what does it all mean?!” ask yourself “what does a banana mean” and then extrapolate.

Spilled milk is milk that is not in the jug anymore.

This will trigger people who are invested in “the meaning of life” but its all true. One does not “understand life” any more than one “understands a day at the beach”. One plays in the water, eats sandwiches, and maybe cuts one’s foot on a sharp shell. Only a human would try to “understand life” for the same reason that only a human would write about a day at the beach in order to convey some meaning to another of its species.

Isn’t that special?!

Sun, wind, sand… are complete without meaning.

If you find the “meaning of life” and someone offers to trade you a nice cheese sandwich for it, take the deal!

If you ever feel like your bananas have lost all their meaning, have a good sleep and hopefully you’ll feel better the next day and realize that your bananas were actually just fine all along.

There is a wonderous quality in living life. That’s definitely NOT a projection of our minds. “Magical” is the best word I can think of… although I may state that “everything sucks” if I’m in a shitty mood.