Andre Philippe Laisney
13 min readDec 20, 2022

By A. P, Laisney (chapter 1 draft)

Photo by Jade Lee on Unsplash


Kingdoms rose and crumbled in the shadow of mountains. Few people became many people, and many people became strangers. Men hammered metal into swords and bent wood into bows, and timeless beasts took refuge in the shadows.

The Tip Of The Tale

Every day brings new things, but for each thing there is just one time.

All things are swept into the sea of time by the ever flowing river of days, and these may easily become forgotten, but let us remember a night, beneath the shadow of Eves and upon The Guiles of May, when the shoulder of a man as hard as wood struck Evron soundly and the sound of a blunt-pointed chastisement met his ears loudly.

“Why don’t you look around you, serf!” Odin’s unexpected blow caught him like a well-aimed lance catches a man from a horse. Knocked as he was from his haze and down to earth, Everon looked around to find himself in the grubby stone channel of an alley of The Keep faced with the growling giant Odin, the largest and least congenial man the region had ever conspired to be-knight. So it was that Everon held Odin’s disapproving glare not long before he gave a slight and cautious nod, turned his back slowly and continued down the alley no longer regardless.

There was a great rightness in Odin’s wrongness. Evron did indeed long-suffer a haze which clouded his eyes. His own restless thoughts were a siren’s song which often lured him out of the world around him. He rarely seemed to watch where he was going but now the man, who was not in fact a serf, committed his gaze to the moon-lit elements of the shadowy alley ahead.

The alley, dressed in the familiar shroud of a light evening fog, felt as unwelcoming and yet also as alluring as it always felt. The old and rusted things of the alley, the mossy cobblestones and the barely functional merchant carts, found his eyes and his eyes found those things as lackluster as they ever did seem. Yet all was not completely dark beneath the stars. Besides the unmoving things of the alley, the man’s eyes were no the only eyes the alley had that night. The first eyes to find him back were the conspicuously intense eyes of an inexplicably clean black cat. The man, who was not a serf in fact, wondered how…