Probabilistic (Quantum) Gravity

One more attempt to explain my theory

Andre Philippe Laisney
5 min readMay 18, 2022
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

The finite is easy to understand. For obvious reasons, the infinite cannot be so easily encompassed by the mind. Some wonder if the “Universe” is infinite, and others wonder if the infinite exists at all, but we know that it does. We know that distance is infinitely divisible, just like numbers are. There is a lot more to distance than is obvious to us. Distance is the infinite medium within which we exist. We used to call it “Space”. Now we call it “Timespace”. It is the reason we have gravity, and it is the reason we have time. Our understanding of timespace and gravity is limited quite simply because it is infinite. There is always another unanswered question waiting just behind each solution. A greater understanding is always possible. We really have no true definition of “time”. We use the “working definition” of “That which a clock measures”. We have a good theory of gravity which is supported by observation, but a more elegant and accurate understanding is always possible.

The following is my theory of how gravity “really” works, which is not to say that Einstein’s theory is wrong nor to say that this theory, nor any possible theory, could ever explain any infinite thing in its entirety. It is, I believe, additional to modern, western, written understanding. A next step forward beginning, as it must, with a step back.