Order And Chaos: Don’t Be Fooled By What You Don’t See.

Andre Philippe Laisney
1 min readMar 4, 2022
Rubin’s vase

Darwin was no fool. He saw life as order being outlined by chaos. He saw clearly.

So called “environmental randomness” has an effect on living organisms, that does not make organisms themselves random. Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection does not negate order, life, mentality or anything at all really. It’s not the TOE many believe it is, nor does it conclude what many conclude in their own minds.

Chaos and order are polar, co-defining, and nested, as known in the east. The west likes to pick one side of the coin, all chaos or all order, all god or all science, and then fill in their ballots for their preferred team. When we look at reality from only one side we miss what Darwin saw.

The black and white image above is known as a “Rubin’s vase” where a vase is a white “positive” image, and the “negative” image is two black faces. This is how chaos and order, self and other, co-define. Darwinian reductionists see only the vase and not the faces, failing to see that life, though surrounded by chaos, is what chaos is not.