God Is An Ancient Alien

Andre Philippe Laisney
3 min readAug 26, 2021

Dear John….

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Dear John,

Yes, our world is under the influence of an ancient being. This being is the oldest living and most conscious being which inhabits our universe. This being has no name, which is difficult for us, so we “humans” have given names to this being in the past. This being appears, to us, to be a multitude of beings, though it is actually one being with many physical and non-physical apparently individual entities at this beings service. This is difficult for us because we “humans” exist and identify personally as individuals and have not reached such a state of oneness. We, having perceived the agents of this being as a race of beings, which we moderns would wrongly call “aliens’, and have called the agents of this being by such names as “the Anunnaki race”.

This being does not often interact overtly with large numbers of us “humans”. In this way our combined, and common general, awareness of this beings existence is very vague. This discretion is for very sound reasons which are too complex to easily clarify but, for the sake of your assurance, none of these reasons are nefarious but they rather serve such purposes as preventing undue external influence upon us to the greatest desirable degree. This is not to say that we “humans”, and this planet “Earth” are not subject to any undue external influence, because we are. We and this planet are also known to beings which are more like us, which beings we would rightly call “aliens”. These beings are older than we are, but nowhere near as old as the one ancient being. Like us, these beings have not reached a state of oneness and, although they are far more cohesively united in action and intent than we “humans” are. These being have names and have split into numerous groups which one may call separate races. We have called one “race” of these beings “Grey’s”. These technologically advanced, highly psychic, interstellar beings are the “pilots” of the U.F.O.s we encounter on a regular basis.

Life exists, of course, for life’s sake. And all the energy of the universe is subject to the will of conscious life. We, both as a species and as individual human beings, are presently, and once again, entering a stage of manifesting a significantly higher coalescent state of awareness, self determination, and power than we have recently enjoyed. There are…