Freedom, Happiness, And Belief

Andre Philippe Laisney
3 min readMay 30, 2022


Photo by Ahmed Badawy on Unsplash

Beliefs are merely beliefs.

Beliefs are to people what water is to fish. Any who jump out of one pond will head straight into another. (leaders and followers alike)

That is not necessarily a good thing, or a bad thing. People are better off enjoying their beliefs if they can. Pessimism is like piss in the water.

ANY belief that allows conscious, happy benevolence is a nice, clean, healthy and enjoyable body of water.

I like to see happy Christians; happy atheists, happy agnostics, happy scientific materialists, happy Muslims, happy philosophers, happy humanists, happy children who believe (or don’t) in father Christmas… Happy fish in any water.

I believe that people who believe that beliefs are merely beliefs are like fish who are transforming into birds. These people may fall back down into the water, but are gradually learning to fly. They are learning to be happy for any reason, or for no reason at all. Whatever “reality” may fundamentally be, ungrounded optimism is like the beating of wings in the air.


Beliefs are merely beliefs… yet they shape reality.

Action is key and life is not always easy.

Life has a certain natural friction which can work for us or against us. That friction of living cannot vanish but it can be uplifting and liberating. Life can be joyful and we can determine if it is or is not, and belief is central to the process. “Always easy” is for rocks, and rocks cannot act, and in this way they truly are nothing. but we are ALIVE and can live WELL.

Life IS action and life HAS physical reality. Many people fail to see the crucial, but potentially invisible, role that belief plays in the process of living.

Action constantly redefines reality upon the feed back loop of belief. Some call this “THE Secret.”

Responsibility is synonymous with selfhood. The “self” is “response-able” meaning able to respond, so an irresponsible belief like: “I cannot exercise because I am not healthy” leads to real life degradation. In this way the more one believes that one CAN the more one actually CAN, and vice versa.