"First, stop believing in nonsense; if you will."

"According to that which is about you, you will add something, of your own choosing or otherwise."

"It's possible that the individual hangs off the solid ground of being like a leaf and it's tree. Somehow it knows itself to be the tree yet remains the leaf." - The Transcendentalist (On Medium) "Be love, go with love's flow, rather than wanting love, to love without falling in love."

"TIME is the infinitely divisible, space, distance, the "thing" that nothing is."

"We may quote others until we learn, and only then may we quote ourselves"

"This is my nonsense, get your own!"

"Pessimism is the wisdom of the foolish."

"The only peace is peace made with the unknown. "

"The worst thing to fear is anything at all."

"The foundation of logic is not logic."

"Life is a perfectly naturally miracle."

Expounding on Clark's famous saying that, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", I would add that:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology looks exactly like nature”

Or, "Life is the technology which is indistinguishable from both magic and nature." "Earth is a beautiful spaceship."

"Lies are real, but so is love. To believe in the first, but not the latter, is to perceive existence as a nightmare without end, and to hold the "really not real" in higher regard than the "really real""

"All agree with Descartes that an experience exists. There is furthermore an orientation and a difference of that which is right and that which is wrong, an up and a down. This is where the option for the first disagreement begins, and where reality may be actually engaged and/or denied." "consciousness IS; being is being involved".

"Once you figure out the secret, don't tell anyone."

"Time is relative, but only from an interactive perspective. If you are waiting for someone who is late by your clock, their time is absolute and may be pleasant, while your time is absolute and may be pained." "Time is soft, waiting is hard." "Don't try to outwait time."

"An individual cannot be further divided, so the only choice that remains open to a living individual is the choice to add to the self from the world around. In taking one adds to the self from the world, but in giving back one also adds the self to the world, becoming greater and less individual." "According to the full cycle, one becomes more by loving more." "Who loves all, is all."

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